Kavish Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

We are one of the best Internet Service Provider in Kolkata and Rest of Bengal Telecom Area.

Broadband and IIL

We provide Internet Leased Line and Home Broadband services through our Fiber and Wireless Network.

Vitual Private Network/MPLS

We provide MPLS and VPN Service as an Addon to IIL and Home Broadband.

Web Hosting and IT Consultancy

Along side VPN an MPLS we also deal in Web Hosting Services hosted at our own Data Center at Kolkata, Sector-V and provide IT Consultancy with a professional team of Exprienced Engineers.

What we do

We have our reach into the following domains:

Home Broadband

Home Broadband packages start from 10 Mbps and goes beyond 1Gbps.

Internet Leased Line

Flexible bandwidth from 513Kbps and beyond 2Gbps as per Requirement can be subscribed by any customer.

Web Hosting

Hosting your website locally at our Data Center located in Kolkata.


If you require to tunnel traffic from multiple locations to your Head Office, we are here to provide Tunnel Service with MPLS and other VPN Technologies.

IT Consultancy

If you need help with your existing infra, speak with us. We have dedicated professionals to help you out.

Get in touch

You can reach us 24x7 via mail. Send your queries to: sales@kavishindia.com